Our Research

Scales and Tools

The MPPRG uses a number of scales, measures and tools to conduct research. These tools were developed by members of our team or by other research groups. These scales are used to assess emotional processing, therapist technique, defense mechanisms, cognitive errors, coping strategies, interpersonal patterns, symptoms, motives, amongst other constructs.  

Below are two scales developed by our group which can be used to assess cognitive errors and coping strategies in vivo, i.e. as these mechanisms naturally unfold or are reported by a patient. While we do not normally make our measures available, these two measures can be downloaded by clicking the link below. You should feel free to use these measures as needed. However, we ask that you cite them properly and, more importantly, that you take a minute or two to give us some feedback if you have any.  These measures are not meant to self diagnose or self assess and should not be used for that purpose.

Cognitive Error Rating System

Coping Strategies Rating System