Cyberpsychology toolsThe MPPRG is part of the Canadian Cyberpsychology and Anxiety Virtual Lab (CCA Virtual Lab) Network, a truly unique infrastructure in the scientific community. Eighteen sites including 27 Canadian leaders in the field of anxiety disorders are part of this network devoted to the study of virtual reality (VR) and telehealth (videoconference units) in the treatment of anxiety disorders, including social anxiety disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, posttraumatic stress disorder and generalized anxiety disorder.

Virtual reality is a powerful tool for the study and treatment of anxiety disorders because it allows for the creation of anxiety inducing situations. Due to the illusion of “being there” in the virtual environment, these situations can be used for assessment purposes, for experimental manipulations and for treatment.

Cyberpsychology tools2Research in the area of Telepsychotherapy, or the use of videoconference technology to conduct psychotherapies when patients and therapists are in different locations, will help determine when and for whom this technology is appropriate and effective. It will also allow researchers to conduct more reliable experimental and clinical multi-centre trials.

The MPPRG conducts research on the use of virtual reality for the treatment of anxiety disorders. This research is conducted in collaboration with Medipsy Psychological Services. In exchange for their participation in this research, clients receive a discount on the cost of the treatment. Projects that may accept new research participants involve the use of virtual reality to treat specific phobias (fear of heights, public speaking, flying, dogs, spiders, etc.) as well as social phobia. Not all treatments are always open to clients who wish to participate in this program of research. Please contact Dr. Drapeau or Medipsy Psychological Services to know if there is currently a project that you could participate in.

For clinical services or psychotherapy involving virtual reality, please visit In Virtuo in the Gatineau area or Medipsy Psychological Services in the Montreal area.


Virtual reality
Virtual reality is an application that lets users navigate and interact within a 3D computer-generated environment in real time.